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COGS LAN #1 (16-17)

October 11, 2016 | Posted in LAN Timetable, Tagged

The first LAN of the year is soon upon us. We’ll be in the Anson Rooms of the Student Union (map) from 10AM until 10PM on Saturday. The pizza form will be available here on the day.

If you aren’t sure how to install any of the games on the timetable then look at the Install Guide for help. It’s a good idea to have everything you want to play installed before the LAN, as 30 people suddenly all trying to download games at the same time isn’t great. If you need help or have any questions then ask us on Discord (, at the pre-LAN meal or at the LAN itself.

Here is the timetable for the LAN; it is merely a suggestion, you can play whatever you like!

Time Game Suggestion
10:00 PC setup & Armagetron Advanced (free)
11:00 Team Fortress 2 (free)
12:30 Hockey? (free)
13:00 Lunch & Local Co-op
14:00 Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed (£15)
14:30 Source(free, just need TF2 installed) / G Mods (£7)
15:30 Zombie Games (e.g. L4D2, Killingfloor…) MOBAs
16:30 Altitude (free)
17:30 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
18:30 Overwatch
19:30 Pizza & Trackmania (free)
20:30 Supraball
21:00 Fistful of Frags (free)
22:00 Teardown

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