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Games we play

COGS Plays lots and lots of games! Here are just a few:

Those with links are free and you should download and try them out!

Regular Gaming Nights

COGS is not just about playing games. It’s about playing games with other people – and the best way to do that is to play them all at the same time. This has the advantage of filling out a server with little [COGS] tags and showing everyone how awesome we are. COGS gaming nights are usually held once or twice a month and start around 8pm. Naturally gaming happens outside these times, but if you want a big game with lots of COGS people, then join in! The game we play is rotated each week and includes the games in the list above, along with many more.

Regular Console Nights

We don’t just play PC games in COGS and so we run fortnightly Console Nights on Thursday evenings. These are located in Bundy’s (31 St Paul’s Road, Clifton) and so there is always a plentiful supply of cheap booze to accompany the fun. We provide projectors, consoles, controllers and games so all you have to do is turn up, and best of all, they’re completely free! The console games we have are too numerous to mention, but if you’d like to play a specific game, either bring it along or just ask and we’ll see what we can do.


If you want to coordinate your attack, or just have a chat with COGS friends while playing, our mumble server is located at You will need to download the free mumble client to use this.

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