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1.COGSBot834Information: Helpful_Helloteam wants to play lol!
2.jith292Jared Polis - Wikipedia, the free Colorado's 2nd district ... Jared Schutz Polis (born May 12, 1975) is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and U.S. Representative for Colorado's 2nd congressional district, serving .... Polis enjoys computer games such as League of Legends
3.Moreta203They are characters from LoL, but Im not quite sure what happened to the storyline or in fact, anything that makes sense at all
4.Extapathy94jith: an undocumented prerequisite for entering the league is breast enhancement surgery via the breastmancer
5.IRConan8410:53:26 < TP2k> tonight is the only chance I have, because you'll all be outside and won't be able to persude me to play LoL
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jith43824:Dokay I'm not allowed to write down anything that implies a design concept
Ragzouken27772:Dand the person who is winning is building walls
Fish-Face27394xDI meant things that go on the outside
K17145Welljith what is this site
IRConan13696yeahother than the fact that it's python
Xomena12801hahaIRConan: you should check that theyre not sold out
Wyrm11152ayeyes Xomena ofc they do
Moreta9875\o cogsHe would actually be a dick if he had that ulti
tayters9838okthat happened
LOLCHRIST9104yesalthough she did just a buff
JakeXKS8965lolI thought it was timetabled at some point
joshd8116lolyeah that's what I thought
Esvandiary7546:Dthat was a pretty big one in the final, yeah :P
Challenger7281lolEstel_: that is very true :)
TP2k6732xDnot bad, well done
M33P6630watsisko: so i lied, and cheated. I am an accessory to murder. And you know what? I can live with it
BraveSirRobbo6551hmmI am a thing
Ymbirtt4728YeahAnd my internet's so slow that the test is taking a number of minutes
WildFire4450xDnice escape
InsatiablyCivil3557ohstick to long paragraphs of vague text
ratMoose3545larfbecause she is indomprehensable, and you need to shout before she listens to anything?
Gadget30003515lolValckrie: Could also try 4D6R-X46P-N9R4-3CKC-7E4J 3ZG7-P7A2-EG7K-EE7G-NEK3
Sshhh3401:/methinks I was very snappy with them
Sasakura3023nowai wai
`2kah2907!lol(in all seriousness, I expect you to playtest our game or I will poke you with a pointed stick while being a man)
Extapathy2202!lolstep 2/2 0% complete, 0:00 remaining
Estel_2137!supcomI've still not felt compelled to replace my broken kindle since the nexus 7
Desustorm2032:Dtoo hot
Symphona1988:PEsvandiary: see further up
COGSBot1903Information: jith wants to play lol!WildFire Double kill!
AdmiralGT1807yesand patrol that
Steg1805Fish-Face: bang bang?better than s9
XenoPhoenix1710hehEsvandiary: shiney isn't it
Neophrite1681:Dcrunchies are bad, but curly wurlies... ew
IdioC1514indeed* IdioC says, expecting "meat and fish counter" to be a definition
Kelsa1429D:hahahah adele
Steg|Praxis1262...Oh, its that easy?
speechless1107yea* speechless suggest patching them host files
spiderdijon1071:D$149.99. It says right there.
Azquelt1044YeahWe got here from the question "why does everyone use IRC and not Jabber"
Vodkonic854!lolI'm Sammy studying at Bristol and I like to play LoL
Goliath833:Dwatch this to cure yourself
poacheR793lolI'm still playing point-and-click adventure games here
EtherealOne787YeahThat can only end well
Caroline754:P* Caroline eats ratMoose
Lukeus_Maximus664!planetside2you forgot to put the field header strings in quotes
luckz618heh<LOLCHRIST> I am on the $15 <- what are we buying
CarrierII616lolI think it depends on what you want from life.
Valckrie515okwhats wrong with quakenet
Scooooby461lolthey are
ynot432hahashe's nice
pineapple429hehi was adding ram
Scooby393yeahi bet it is
BattlePope364lolyeah kinda
Piddy345!lolgreat, how do you learn hacking? I can not even program the simplest C program
SubbyMinx329lolaccidental shots can happen, i'm sure
Magical_2kah326!lol +2as in open source
mayflower309yep!topic #cogs University of Bristol Computer Gaming Society | For help type !help | Signups for the Theme Park trip to Drayton Manor are live @ | 07Signups for LeachLan 8 @ |
COGSGuest306lolThis is Kian
css_8002279lolwho wants LoL referral points?
Thespian260yeswho was it who was up for the dota 2 5v5
Desustorm_253ohhaha good one jith
improbablytall250!supcom anyone?well, I've got to go be a taxi service at some point between 7:45 and 8:30, so that might hamper things a bit
Sithe244yeabrowsers trying to open pdfs piss me off
Bathwater242lolsomeone left our oven on last night, kitchen was nicce and cosy this morning
ChocoJon237:)well, they seemed to be connected to a pacific one
Ollie218MorningI assume stolen from Reddit if you guys have seen it before and since she is a redditor
Nucleartramp218:'3kinda close to where I'm from
trollingwood213yesoke i play
Benjojo205HahaIt would point it to my server
Vert176:DI need to get hold of Ragz
Foskee171okboom prototypes errrwhere
Spear162you'll start liking sunlight any time soonmy paperwhite finally arrived so about to get stuck into some ebooks
Beetle147!pubas in, order?
cse_6667136!planetside2mumble server?
tea131>:and Jiths are ladies
MrWrestling130yusssssI forget the last time that channel was so active
xo120yayholy shit thank you google I found it!
Gol1ath112lelhate hate hate
Aner-Dyfan102yup steam is awesomeI'll have to grab that
SLUGSJimmez102:Pyou can run at whatever FPS you like on the client
randomer95yepaye, everyone
jith191ffswell I can't connect to mumble or get on Google
basro90yesRagzouken, not really
BENOO90O_OI was having a look around the website and it said something about sealed calculators
eman87lolIs the bus service reliable/fair priced?
jimmez86lolHunger Games anyone?
josh_83lolnot sure why I put quotes ;D
biomad78lolplus, most of them will be fanbois
Fist75lolGod no, what do you take me for organised? ^_^
SubbyWork72yupalthough not as boring as this day at work
Boobs70hmmoh wait
GTatHome70yesso whatever
niax69which would be insaneAnything that uses extension modules won't work
Capuchin67ναι σκατάlazy greeks
ToTo64hi my name is weiWYRM WIZARD COME
DiesHorribly62lolas I forgot I am busy like all of the day
AlmightyJam61yes /r/pokemon would be appropriateget a kite
LickMy61morningExtapathy_: you carn't blame me for staying up late you wanted to play LBP
joshdee60lolI think it might have been his talk
PidginSirRobbo59lol6 people die in the deadliest attack in 11 years
Homoglyph59\o\I just lurk around and spy on you all the time.
Neckbeard56:Dmiddle name of main protagonist
VenusDeLiz52yeah, but its the choice to live there as well. Thats what gets me about ppl whining about Oxford prices. If you want to live here, then you pay high rent. DOn't like it, move outPitt Rivers is pretty cool where I am now and I like the oxford natural history which also has a fab educaton team
cbob51yeah i think they started on the hour ishAzquelt: you're in #cogs remember